There is no such thing as a cheap t-shirt.

View From Behind the Machine(s): ‘Special’ Revisited


Unique, special, flaws, imperfections, individual characteristics—I guess it has been a mounting theme throughout this project, but it is serious coming to a head as my participation in this phase of 15% comes to a close. I made another ‘special’ t-shirt, accompanied by an ‘as is’ statement to justify its conditions. (My iron decided to add some decoration to the front of the t while I was pressing it) and what I realized then, was that I am not good at cleaning things in order to make them spotless. Some little remnants of the event will always remain, so long as I am in charge of the cleaning brigade. This got me to thinking about other things—the way that issues crop up in your life, and you can either go to the store and buy a new light bulb right away when your kitchen goes black, or you can resolve to work around the issue, bake in the morning, use the light from the other room because ‘it’s enough’ in order to solve the problem. In some cases, this is a positive way to grow your creativity and ingenuity. In other ways, it’s just dumb. Buy a new light bulb: if you knew Finnish you’d realize they’re not as expensive as you think they are. If you don’t have light to cook by, then your food is less enjoyable, your eyesight suffers, and you tend to eat more and are left feeling less satisfied (something about science, like how in the movie theaters, the biggest popcorn is just never enough popcorn to make it all the way through the movie (but thank goodness it’s free refills!))


Ok, again. I am learning that everything is made in a specific way. It’s been designed to be just so, as such, as is, the way it comes, flaws and all—or, components that are perceived to be flaws or imperfections, but perhaps, another way to look at those things (the small brown stains on that t-shirt #166) is simply the evidence of a process, or an event; the contribution of something well intentioned but poorly applied/implied (sorry, iron!).


I am (we are) so much like these stupid white t-shirts! We are formed specifically, we show our wear, we bear our scares and stains, but regardless of all the superficial (the surface applications) we relate to one another through the relationship of our cloth, because it is all the same, and at its core it is all pure white. *another “Awww” moment* (thank you, but hold your applause) because here comes the side note:


I left the museum today with 5 t-shirts waiting for homes. You didn’t know it, but welcome to Janelle’s “White T-Shirts for Better Homes” organization. If you are interested in adopting one of these shirts please email: goldisugly@hotmail.com. The 5th person to email the previous address will receive (for the price of 12.00-17.00 Euros*) their very own 15% “mint-condition (could be #166)” t-shirt! ACT FAST!!!


*includes the price of shipping


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