There is no such thing as a cheap t-shirt.

Charity Suggestions from Worker #001

If you’re in the know, and interested in receiving a t-shirt, then my suggesting that you donate to the following charities will not in any way sound pushy or off … Continue reading

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Worker on the Line!

The worker has been put on the line! “On the line”. With a push towards rampant productivity and endless days of labor, I found myself closing in and shutting down. … Continue reading

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The Laborer Left Vulnerable

Labor without the partnership of an intellectual pursuit leaves for a dissatisfied and vulnerable spirit–more easily susceptible to falling prey to the devastating influence of overly analytical assessment of personhood … Continue reading

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View from Behind the Machine(s): Open/Honest

Personal life affected my work environment this week, as I didn’t want to be present in my performance any longer. I alluded to it briefly, but I am feeling a … Continue reading

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View From Behind the Machine(s): ‘Special’ Revisited

  Unique, special, flaws, imperfections, individual characteristics—I guess it has been a mounting theme throughout this project, but it is serious coming to a head as my participation in this … Continue reading

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View From Behind the Machine(s): What makes a t-shirt special?

White t-shirts are all the same. If you compare the shirts that I produce to those that you can buy from a store (like H&M, as they are our competition, … Continue reading

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View From Behind the Machine(s): Ritual

Recreating the same product in endless repetition is a ritual. Ritual as a practice is the deadening of life: the abandonment of living in order to stabilize, legitimize, and make … Continue reading

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