There is no such thing as a cheap t-shirt.



15% was originally realised for the Boutique – Where Art Meets Fashion exhibition at the Amos Anderson art museum in Helsinki. The exhibition was curated by Annamari Vänskä and it was part of the official programmes of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and the 2012 Helsinki Festival. The exhibition was on display during August 17 – November 12, 2012.
The artist performing in 15% in Helsinki was Janelle Abbott, whose performance lasted 70 days.
The t-shirts produced in the exhibition were sold at the museum shop for the price of €4.95. For that price the buyer would get the t-shirt – and the off-cut waste produced with it.
All proceeds were donated to the charity organisation Emmaus.

In realising 15% we worked with diverse vendors. Where possible, we worked with local vendors using local materials; at times technical or budgetary constraints required us to find vendors further afield. Initially we wrote a list of all of the vendors we used, but in the end we chose to cut it back to the Finnish companies we want to promote. We feel these companies deserve your support.

Fabric: Markkinointi Harju Oy
Machine service: Espoon Kone Oy
Threads, cotton tape: Muovikum
Stamps: Helsingin Leimasintehdas
Carelabels: Kangastukku
Machine needles: AD Finnland Oy

We bought the three industrial sewing machines second-hand and had them serviced for the exhibition. Each machine tells a little story about the decline of the Finnish garment industry. Similarly, the fact that the technician who serviced them retired more than ten years ago speaks to the disappearing expertise in this country.
Coverstitch machine: this machine was once at the Friitala factory in Western Finland.
Sewing machine and overlocker: these came from a former homeworker in Central Finland.

The artists would like to thank:
Annamari Vänskä, Kaj Martin, Kai Kartio, staff at Amos Anderson Art Museum (particularly Kari, Olli, Jussi, Jenni and Niclas), Satu Sirén & Kirsi Widell at Eläintarhan Huvila; Pro AV Saarikko; Klaus Aalto & Jaakko Pesonen.

Parsons The New School for Design
Simon Collins, Yvonne Watson, Michelle Cordero, Josephine Tirado, Denise Wallner, Gregory Climer, Jonathan Kyle Farmer, Hazel Clark

Heikki Paasonen, George Plionis, Stina Salin, Pentti & Sirkka Salin, Saara Salin, Olli & Hilkka Rissanen, Heli & Henri de Szejko, Sami Kortelainen & Merja Laakso, Juha & Tarja Rissanen

The artwork was financially supported by
Amos Anderson Art Museum, Finnish Cultural Foundation / Armi Ratia Fund, Parsons The New School for Design

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