There is no such thing as a cheap t-shirt.

Nerida Lennon on cheap

An excellent article by Nerida Lennon here. Thank you Tullia Jack for the tip.

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View From Behind the Machine(s): Visitor Participation!

A visitor to the musuem today offered up a suggestion about a resolution to the waste material purchased along with the t-shirts! He thought it would be a convenient thing … Continue reading

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View From Behind the Machine(s): Absent T

The routine has become: finish a t-shirt, walk it to the gift shop (tailed by hungry customers), drop the shirt off at the cash register and watch it be sold. … Continue reading

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China and oversupply / Kiina ja ylituotanto

This week the Financial Times ran an article about the oversupply of goods in China. Using the sportswear company Li Ning as an example, the article sums up a major … Continue reading

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View from Behind the Machine(s): Authority

There have been several visitors who edged their way into the exhibition space, rather nervously, thinking they were intruding, or trending on a sanctuary they were not invited to enter. … Continue reading

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View From Behind the Machine(s): Opening Night

It takes about an hour and 20 minutes to produce one white t-shirt from start to finish—chalking to stamping, with all that cutting and sewing in between. The entire 2 … Continue reading

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Exhibition about to open / Näyttely avautuu

Boutique the exhibition opens tomorrow, Friday August 17 at Amos Anderson Art Museum. Boutique-näyttely aukeaa yleisölle huomenna 17.8. Amos Andersonin taidemuseossa.

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