There is no such thing as a cheap t-shirt.

View From Behind the Machine(s): Absent T

The routine has become: finish a t-shirt, walk it to the gift shop (tailed by hungry customers), drop the shirt off at the cash register and watch it be sold. Send a smile, walk away, start another shirt. Yesterday, a Saturday, I finished my first shirt and left it sitting on the shelf in the gift shop. Finished the second shirt of the day, entered the gift shop to find shirt #1 (34) still sitting on the shelf…and again, when I had finished the third and final shirt for that day, I found the two previous shirts waiting for purchase, still quietly sitting on display…I’m not sure what to make of this. Has everyone realized what it is that I am selling? Did I sluff off on my performative charm? I don’t want to be personally offended or hurt by this…but I hope by Monday those 3 shirts will be gone, and the 3 that will follow. If not, then I’ll be selling raffle tickets to the folks back home.


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