There is no such thing as a cheap t-shirt.

What is art worth?


Here are the instructions for acquiring a part of the artwork from 15%. Please read carefully. While we encourage you to ask questions, we will not respond to them.

Step 1. You donate a sum of money to a charity and receive a receipt for it.
Step 2. You show us the receipt in person (as part of Step 3).
Step 3. You pick up a part of the artwork (we the artists choose the part you receive) from the gallery, at 66 Fifth Avenue, on Wednesday December 11, 12-6pm. Acquired artworks or parts of them may not be returned to us under any circumstances.

Note: Your charitable donation does not guarantee that you will receive a part of artwork as the artwork may run out. There is no such thing as wasted charity.

We will not send any part of the artwork to anywhere in the world. You must pick it up in person or have someone pick it up for you, from the above stated location at the above stated time, with your receipt.

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