There is no such thing as a cheap t-shirt.

Charity Suggestions from Worker #001

If you’re in the know, and interested in receiving a t-shirt, then my suggesting that you donate to the following charities will not in any way sound pushy or off base…

Restore NYC is a New York based NFP that assists women who have been trafficked, enslaved, sexually exploited, and abused, in restoring their spirits to dignity and their lives to working order. http://restorenyc.org/ 

IJM (International Justice Mission) is an organization comprised of lawyers, investigators, and aftercare specialists who fight to bring perpetrators of human trafficking, sexual slavery, and forced labor worldwide to justice while caring for the restoration of victims of such offenses. http://www.ijm.org/

Polaris Project seeks to fight human trafficking and modern day slavery both in the US and abroad through servicing victims, advocating for policy reform, and providing training and resources. http://www.polarisproject.org/

There are many many more great organizations that are well worth your investment and support. Go beyond monetary support and volunteer for places like Restore NYC, who fight against these pervasive and ever present issues in your own back yard!

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