There is no such thing as a cheap t-shirt.

View From Behind the Machine(s): Trends

The crowd has changed. A month ago, people streamed through the museum because they came to see what was to be seen in the ‘Boutique’ exhibition. But with the opening of the Fanny Churberg exhibition, the crowd has changed. They’ve grown slightly older, less informed about the ‘Boutique’ exhibition, but interested nonetheless. For the most part, the question most commonly asked (or the question that is ‘trending’) now is: “what are you doing?” and I say: “I’m sewing white t-shirts” and they say: “aaaah” and shake their heads, and make their way out the door, and that’s in. Less and less am I getting into deeper conversations about the installation or its greater meaning. But that’s ok. The shirts are selling regardless!

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