There is no such thing as a cheap t-shirt.

15% wins H&M white t-shirt competition!

The story from Janelle:

I was walking through Forum [a shopping mall in Helsinki] during my break today and saw H&M selling that “white t-shirt contest” tee and I had to stop and take a photo! Later, while I was sewing #107 I thought I should “enter” their “contest”, and I thought “oh, I’ll do it on Wednesday” [the museum is closed on Tuesday] and then I was like “no, they’re going to change the display before then!” and then it was like “DO THIS NOW!” so I finished the shirt as fast as I could, raced home, painted “winner” on the front of it, biked back to Amos and then hung the shirt up in the front of the H&M and left the bag there too! I felt like Banksy but better.

We’ve not heard from anyone at H&M yet, but we hope someone tried to “buy” our t-shirt.

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